Preserved flowers and foliage are delicate botanicals that will, when taken care of properly, last you months instead of days. Much of the public are under the misguided notion that preserved blooms are simply left to dry out by hanging upside down or in the vase. However, we know better.

We employ a variety of techniques in trying to get the most out of every transient blossom; from using the best in-season flora to applying the most gentle food-grade preservatives, and learning, always learning -- sometimes, studying tried-and-true techniques, sometimes, experimenting with new processes we've been told and, still other times, creating our very own recipe through trial and error.

Our aim is to bring you preserved flora -- dried flowers, foliage and seed heads -- that are still full of life, beauty, colour and suppleness.

We have been providing this offering at our concession at The Therapy Market and, now, for the first time, we shall be making our dried floral selection available online for islandwide delivery in Singapore.

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